Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Dirty Laundry and the Classic Anti-U.S. Feeding Frenzy

Hey...Lets turn a tragedy into another socialist media talking point!

Something referred to as, “The World Press,” or “Voices Abroad” have now taken an opportunity to do some free ads for Michael Moore's, “Bowling for Columbine” (literally, in some cases).

There's a rock song from the 80's by Don Henley called, “Dirty Laundry” (do read the lyrics in the link) that best describes the horrid lack of decorum amongst the fourth estate – especially in times of tragedy. Add most “mainstream” sources' inclination to skew things deliberately to the promotion of left wing political views and we have both lack of decorum and pathetic dishonesty.

This week's college campus shooting has brought out a frenzy of the usual from the hate-America crowd but, ultimately, it makes about as much sense to rant about, “those violent Americans” as it would to refer to, “those violent Koreans” (since the recent mass shooting was by an “ethnic” Korean). How about, “those violent persons” as an honest statement directed at those rare individuals who actually carry out such horrid schemes.

Here on Japan's TV Asahi News, the tragedy was used to show a sentimental montage down memory lane – Columbine, of course, along with other mass shootings in North America (oh wait, those ones in Canada in recent years were left out).

TV Asahi, using classic journalistic manipulation, showed American shootings (different times and places) in large blocks across a map of the country, covering the nation in journalistic hyperbole – 'less drama if such incidents were shown as pinpoints or if a different map were used for different years, but viewers would then have gotten the impression that huge areas of America (and it's 300,000,000 population) never encounter gun shootings (beyond what they're shown in movies or by newsroom violence whores).

Leftist journalists in Japan (not really so different from anywhere else) can embellish the misfortunes of a country they don't like, yet barely a year goes by here (Japan is still a relatively low-crime country), where some psycho doesn't strangle, stab, or dismember a victim (little girls in a couple of instances). But usually there are no guns involved – that's surly got to make a strangled person feel better. Years ago a cult leader orchestrated a mass killing in a Tokyo subway station using sarin gas -- no guns though, so no doubt less a problem for journalists with ideological axes to grind.

The gun issue has never been that big with me, though I recognize the intentions and merits of the American constitution's second amendment. Minus guns (or more alert campus security) the recent psycho-shooting would have of course resulted in fewer fatalities but the killer could have, just the same, drove through a crowd or ran through a classroom with a large knife. That would have reminded us that people don't kill people, knives and cars do.

This week's horror story will inevitably become one of those catalysts to discussions regarding “our sick society,” overlooking the fact that “our sick society” didn't kill students on a college campus this week, a sick individual did (again, one out of 300,000,000).

I'm quite certain that, like socialist non-health care, the gun ownership criminalization issue is a done deal. The scales are now further tipped to favor the statists, and the U.S. will become evermore like Europe. But can we honestly look at the state of health and crime in Europe today and say that's a good thing? What will then follow; six week mandated vacations and double-digit unemployment...and periodic stabbings, strangulations, and shootings from illegal guns?

A mass shooting and more "dirty laundry" from "voices abroad" (and at home) -- have they no decency?

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